2017 - 2018 Audition Announcement

AUDITIONS - September 6 & 7, 2017

­The Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra
Announces Auditions for the following vacancies for 2017-18:

Associate Concertmaster
Assistant Concertmaster
Assistant Principal Second Violin
Section First Violin - Section Viola - Section Cello

Application Deadline - Thursday, August 29, 2017 - 5PM


Viola/Cello Auditions - September 6

All Violin Auditions - September 7


Audition Excerpts (Password Protected PDF)


Violin - including:

  • Associate/Assistant Concertmaster
  • Assistant Principal 2nd Violin
  • Section Violin






Repertoire Specifics


Musicians auditioning for Assistant Concertmaster and/or Assistant Principal Second Violin should also prepare an Unaccompanied Bach - movement of your choice.


Orchestral Excerpts: Play "1st" parts for audition unless otherwise indicated:


Brahms "Symphony No. 4" (1st mvt, 2 before Q to end)
Beethoven "Symphony No. 7" (1st mvt, mm 84-130)
Schumann "Symphony No. 2" (Scherzo, opening to 20 after K norepeat)
Prokofiev "Classical Symphony" (4th mvt. opening to 16 after B)
Strauss "Don Juan" (opening to letter to 13 after C)
Mozart: "Symphony No. 39" (4th movement begin. to B)
Mendelssohn: “Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Scherzo,Beginning to 7 bars after D, measure 99)
For Assistant Concertmaster and/or Assistant Principal Second Violin please add the following:
Brahms "Symphony No. 1" (2nd mvt solo)
Rimsky-Korsakov "Capriccio Espagnol" (mvts III & IV, solopassages)
Rimsky-Korsakov "Scheherazade" (mvt. III, solo after K to N)



Musicians are expected to play the following in addition to the orchestral excerpts:
Solo Repertoire
1st movement of one of the following concerti: Bartok
Walton Hindemith

Orchestral excerpts:

Beethoven- Symphony No. 5
•    2nd  Movement-Andante con moto

  • bars 1-9
  • bars 49-59
  • bars 98-106

•    3rd  movement bars 146-214 no repeat

Berlioz- Roman Carnival
•    Pick up to 3 after [1] to 6 before [4]

Mozart- Symphony No. 40
•    1st mvt. – Pickups to 19 before [C] – [C]
•    4th  mvt. – Pickup to [C] – [D]

Shostakovich-Symphony No. 5
•    1st mvt. -  [15] – [17]

Strauss- Don Juan
•    1st 8 measures
•    2 before [A] to 4 before [B]
•    [C] to 5 before [D]

Tchaikovsky-  Symphony No. 6
•    1st mvt. – m. 19 to m. 38
•    [B] to [C]

Brahms- Variations on a theme by Haydn
•    Variation 7 (no repeats)
•    Variation 8 (no repeats)

For Assistant Principal Viola please add the following:

Brahms- Symphony No. 4: 4th mvt. [B] to [D]
Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 5: 3rd mvt. Pickup to [E] – [K]


Musicians are expected to play one of the following choices in addition to the orchestral excerpts:
Solo Repertoire
1st movement of a standard concerto


Orchestral Excerpts: 1st parts


Beethoven "Symphony No. 5"

  • (2nd movement opening 10 measures)
  • (measures 49 to 58)
  • (measures 97 to 106)

Brahms "Symphony No. 2" (2nd movement, mm. 1-15)
Debussy "La Mer" (top line of quartet passage from 2 before No. 9 to end of quartet section)
Mendelssohn "Midsummer Night's Dream" (Scherzo, C to D)
Mozart "Symphony No. 35" (4th movement, mm 134-181)
Tchaikovsky "Symphony No. 4" (2nd movement, 21 before A to A)
Smetana "Bartered Bride Overture" (Beginning to letter A)
Richard Strauss "Don Juan" (letter R to T) (tempo I after letter V to 4 after letter W)


Once your application is received by our Personnel Manager you will be sent the password.

Formal Audition Notice (PDF)

The Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra is a per service orchestra located 35 miles southeast of Chicago.

For our 2017-18 season, pay per service:

Associate Concertmaster: $119.03
Assistant Concertmaster: $111.42
Assistant Principal Second : $111.42
Section: $95.22
plus travel reimbursement and 7.085% pension contribution.

Guaranteed Services for 2017-18: 24 (A Contract)

Candidates must be eligible to work in US.

Please review the 2017-18 Season Schedule available on this site. Per the terms of the orchestra's current Collective Bargaining Agreement (Sec. 21.1(a), All Players must play a minimum of 50% of the concerts for which they are needed in a season.

Send Resume:

Send resume and $50 refundable deposit (payable to Northwest Indiana Symphony) to:

Karen L. Dickelman, Personnel Manager

Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra

­1040 Ridge Road, Munster IN 46321

Fax 219-836-0690


2017 - 18 Season Schedule

Map to Audition