Musicia­ns Making a Difference


Our Musicians are Amazing.


As public performances are being replaced by other methods of communicating the joy of music, our Symphony musicians are making a difference in their community and around the world by participating in online activities. We are proud of their talent, musicianship and dedication.

Join us in celebrating their artistry as we share these activities with you.



Michael Brozick - Principal Trumpet

Michael was a part of two virtual performance projects - one with Lyric Opera and the other with Kalamazoo Symphony.


Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" by the (Virtual) Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra




 Virtual KSO: Overture to "The Creatures of Prometheus," Op. 43



Michael will also be participating in a virtual mini concert as a part of Chamber Music on the Fox on May 30 at 7pm. 

To learn more, visit:
­  https://www.chambermusiconthefox.org/concert/cmotf-digital-mini-concerts-may-2020/­


Michelle Taylor - First Violin, NISO
David Taylor - Assistant Concertmaster, CSO ­

With a message to Maestro Muspratt...




Lisa Targonski - Flute/Piccolo

­Lisa works in health care daily doing various forms of music therapy for Alzheimer's, assisted living and skilled care patients. With social distancing, she's been playing in the hallway for residents. This  gentlemen was a choir director, and while she plays, he will start conducting her as if he forgot the pain in his arm . . . music is very powerful. Lisa says she is fortunate to be in this setting on a daily basis.