What is it? 

The Youth Orchestra is an outstanding orchestra primarily for advanced high school students, offering a great opportunity for individual growth and personal satisfaction through group performance.


How are members selected? 


By audition.


Are there any requirements? 

  • Membership in your school's orchestra or band


  • Availability for rehearsals and concerts


  • Director or private teacher recommendation



How do I apply?


  • Have a custodial parent sign it


  • Have your director or teacher complete it


  • Mail it to: Indiana Symphony Orchestra –or– bring it to your audition.



  • Bring your music - including the required selections* - a completed conflict sheet to your audition


What is the cost? 

Tuition is $400 per year. 
The Audition fee is $25. 
There is a fundraising requirement.


When do I rehearse?

Sunday afternoons 2-5 p.m. from September through May.


Where will I

We rehearse in the Symphony rehearsal hall in the Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster, 1040 Ridge Rd.  All musicians must enter and leave through the theatre awning entrance in the back of the building.


How will I know if
I'm selected?

All students will be notified by mail, email or through postings on our website*


How will we be seated?

There will be an seating audition in the spring and, as is many professional orchestras, string section seats may rotate.  Wind, brass and percussion players may also have rotating assignments.


What is the website address? 




If I have questions, who do I call or e-mail?

Call the Symphony Office at
(219) 836-0525 x 201